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Millions of EasyJet customers have had their data breached and may be due compensation.

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On 19th May 2020, EasyJet confirmed that it had been the target of a highly sophisticated hack.

  • Nine million people had their email address and travel information accessed (name, origin airport, destination and departure date).

  • Another 2,208 customers had their financial (credit card details including CCV) stolen.

All of this information can be used by cybercriminals to commit further crimes.

We have launched a group action against EasyJet. Group actions can be a powerful tool and can have a bigger impact than a single claim.


How Do I Know if I Have a Claim?

1. Email or Text Notification

If your data has been breached, EasyJet should have sent you an email to notify you of the breach. If you are unsure if you received this, check your email history, particularly between April and June 2020.

2. Fraud Victim

If you are an EasyJet customer and you have been the victim of debit/credit card fraud in 2020, you may have been a further victim of the EasyJet data breach.

3. Over 18

You are only eligible to make a claim if you are over the age of 18. If you were under 18 when your data was breached, but are over 18 now we may still be able to help you. 

EasyJet Data Breach Timeline

  • January 2020. EasyJet discovered that it had been the victim of a data hack. It engaged forensic experts to investigate the issue. EasyJet also notified the National Cyber Security Centre and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

  • April 2020. EasyJet notified those customers whose credit card details had been impacted in this breach.

  • 19th May 2020. EasyJet finally admits publicly to the hack and reveals that nine million customer details were lost in data breach.

  • 26th May 2020. By this date, all customers affected by the EasyJet data breach should have been informed by the airline.

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How did the EasyJet data breach happen?

On 19th May 2020, EasyJet confirmed that it had been the target of an attack from a highly sophisticated source.

What data was exposed in the breach?

The information included in the EasyJet data breach includes:

  • Financial data (including CVV numbers)
  • Email addresses
  • Travel information*.

*Travel details are those details that you input when booking a flight or holiday, such as your name, email address, origin airport and your destination, and departure date. 

When was the data breached?

Those involved booked flights from 17 October 2019 to 4 March 2020.

How did EasyJet respond to the breach?

EasyJet reported itself to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the National Cyber Security Centre. However, there was a significant delay before the airline told customers that their information was in the hands of cybercriminals.

Who was responsible for the data breach?

While EasyJet was the victim of a cyber-attack, it is the one who controlled your personal information. If poor security processes allowed the breach to happen, EasyJet is responsible.

How do I know if my details were breached?

Under current data protection legislation, EasyJet must inform everyone who is affected by this data breach. It is understood that customers involved in the EasyJet data breach will have been notified no later than the 26th of May. Everyone who had their financial information hacked was informed in early April. If you have been a customer of EasyJet, we advise you to keep an eye out for this communication (and check your spam folder in case it was directed there).

What should I do if my details were involved in this breach?

Register via our online form for further advice about what to do. We will keep your details (securely of course!) and add you to our list of claimants.

Can I make an EasyJet data breach claim?

If you have been a part of this breach you should have been contacted by EasyJet by 26th May 2020. Everyone who receives this confirmation can make a data breach claim.

How do I make a compensation claim against EasyJet?

Register with us ASAP. This guarantees that you will form part of the compensation claims that will be lodged by us. There are strict time limits in place for making data breach claims, so it’s important to act now.

What evidence do I need to claim against EasyJet?

To make the strongest possible claim on your behalf, we always ask for evidence to support your claim. This could include things like:

  • Evidence that you received an email from EasyJet saying your details were included in this breach
  • Evidence of any financial losses, distress, and/or inconvenience you have suffered as a result of the data breach. For example:
  • Bank statements
  • Correspondence (letters, emails, etc.) with banks, credit card providers, credit reference agencies, etc.
  • Credit score reports (with dates of any dips)
  • Details about medical appointments/prescriptions that relate to this data breach (e.g. due to distress/stress)
  • Evidence of any fraudulent transactions, fraud attempts, alerts, cancelled cards that relate specifically to the card details breached
  • Evidence of increased spam
  • Anything else that may be relevant to support your claim.

We would also seek confirmation that, as far as you are aware, your information was not put at risk by another data breach.

Please make sure you keep all supporting documents safe as these may be required at a later date.

Join Our No-win, No-fee EasyJet Group Action

Millions of people have been affected by this data breach, with potential claims of Thousands of £s. 

Through this group action, we are holding EasyJet to account for failing to protect your private information.
You can receive financial compensation for your losses and together we can force airlines to implement better data security.

Our Fees

As an experienced and professional claims management firm, Blue Panda Finance Ltd charges a fee for our services. We operate on a no win no fee basis. This means that if we are not successful in recovering any money for you, we do not charge you a fee. We also do not charge cancellation fees, unless you have cancelled within ten days of your offer being received.

Should we be successful with your claim, our fee is 30% plus VAT of the total money recovered.

These are typically deducted from the money you are awarded. Should you receive payment directly or it is added to your pension, your fee will still be payable. 

Fees: Examples only - these are not estimates and not examples of what you will get.

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